Connecting for quality. Whether it’s LEED Certification, commissioning, design assistance, or project management, Connected Buildings can improve your building. Quality means properties that are more attractive to buyers or tenants, less costly to operate and maintain, and less hassles with corporate or code compliance.

People & Programs

Training, development, and management. Connect people and programs to high quality information, curriculum for adults, results that matter. Buildings are getting more complicated, get your team the leg up to run them smarter.


Benchmark, baseline, dashboard, EMS, BAS, DDC… Software, hardware, integration – the marketplace for building automation, smart building, and building technology is evolving quickly and full of buzzwords. Connected Buildings can guide you through product selection to managing installation to commissioning to training and maintenance.


Get your business connected. The marketplace for high performance components and materials has changed the design process and how customers vision, specify, and buy. We have the insight and connections to help you discover opportunity, identify gaps in your approach, and strategically position to grow your business.

Why Connect Buildings?

To make them better
We spend 90% of our time inside buildings.

Buildings influence how we live, work, and play.
Buildings need to become smarter, perform better, and improve our workplaces and homes.
Connected Buildings offers services to make demonstrable progress towards better buildings.

  • Ranging from certification to energy management to smart building systems, all buildings have an opportunity to improve performance, and thereby net asset value.


Steve Abercrombie

Steve brings more than 10 years of green building and sustainability expertise as Connected Buildings Principal consultant.